Picking the Right Pieces for Your Furnished Rental

living-room When you rent out your home, you have two main choices. You can either rent it unfurnished, or you can add furnishings in it. Opting for the latter does often mean getting more money each month, but you need to make sure you have the right pieces for your tenants. The good news is picking up the right pieces for your furnished rental home is not that difficult.

Make Sure the Essentials Are There

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G12 House by (se)arch Freie Architekten

A Treehouse Tub

“Putting things outside that are normally inside is a nice departure from the expected and gives people a break from the mundane,” says Scott Lee, president of San Francisco–based SB Architects. He’s referring to the soaking tub in his own master bath, which resides on a balcony overlooking San Francisco Bay. Lee designs a lot of resorts and his wife directs spas, so the couple definitely brought their work home.

The custom cast concrete tub had to be craned into place on the third-story deck while avoiding an established oak tree. A Western red cedar portico shades the tub, and a chunk of salvaged cypress serves as a rustic step. A radia

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Luxurious Penthouse with Gorgeous Brass Lightning Installation

Luxurious Penthouse with Gorgeous Brass Lightning Installation

The exquisite materials – walnut custom made furniture, great quality oak parquet, delicate textures and amazing artistic brass lightning solutions by Tom Dixon turn this Zurich located penthouse into delightful interior experience. The design duo Dyer Smith Frey used stylish color palette – petrol blue, variety range of gray and subtle sand tones. Thi

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Create Enchanting Spaces with Woodland Creatures

Theres something especially appealing about woodland creatures as home decor accessories. Weve seen lots of predictions that owls, foxes, deer, moose and even field mice are going to be invading our homes in the near future. No, it isnt time to call for help, these cute wild things come in the form of wall art, decorative objects for shelves and tabletops, pillows, quilts and throws. From the nursery to the kitchen, woodland creatures can help create enchanting spaces with a whimsical, warm and inviting look.

The nursery is the first room we think of when it comes to decorating with woodland creatures.

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