Faery of Gold and Silver – Portuguese Bar Instalacao

Faery of Gold and Silver Portuguese Bar Instalacao

Faery of gold and silver, urban light installations and vivid brass elements – define the image of this Portuguese bar called very ingeniously “installation” Instalação. The floating tunnel like architecture, predetermined by the long narrow space and its arches, hosts modernistic and urban ambiance inspired by Olafur Eliasson installation and provokes the sensation of dancing in a spaceship.

The architect José Carlos Cruz Arquitecto and the design team November 2010 succeed in creating unique and dynamic atmosphere using arch wiring, intense light installation, brass surfaces and geometrical elements that adorn the concrete walls. The small

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Make The Most of Your Autumn Garden

As the sun sets on another summer, you might be tempted to sit back in your living room, ignore your garden and hope the untended weeds don’t creep in through your window. But, although the deckchairs might be packed away and browned leaves cover the grass, leaving your garden unattended is just asking for trouble when spring rears its head.

In fact, the autumn season is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the sunny weather’s return.

So, what do you have to do to keep your garden in shape before the frost cometh?

Build the best

If you’re not planning to sit in the garden for a few months (unless you want to look like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining), you can make a few major adjustments without yearning for a space to sunbathe.

For a start, try an orangery to lounge in the sun without worrying about wind or rain ruining your relaxation. Orang

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Surfside Residence by Steven Harris Architects

A glass box makes up one of the lower volumes and the transparent structure contains the kitchen, living, and dining rooms. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors fully open letting the space continue outdoors. The picturesque swimming pool wraps around the glass volume making the water super enticing. The upper volume houses the master bedroom wing that’s designed as an open floor plan. It hovers over the pool and gives the owners views of the ocean. When the sliding glass doors are open, it’s almost like you’re living outdoors. The glass volume is attached to a structure that contains the garage and a guest wing above. Lands

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Urkraine President’s palace garden

President Viktor Yanukovych’s garden

As always, we welcome the fall of a dictator (Yanukovych, today) and puzzle over their bad taste. It looks like narcotecture, (aka poppytecture). Does the world have a design school with a specialism in this type of work? What are its origins? Hitler’s architectural taste was better. Though the (Berghof) was grandified vernacular it did not dissolve into baroque terracing or a bastard-baroque garden. It might be an idea for every presidential aspirant to design a garden and let voters inspect their work before the election is held. Jefferson, Washington, Churchill and many Japanese princes were respectable garden designer. Yan Read the whole post…

Marion-Polk Food Share Update

Its hard to believe its been a month since our original post on the Marion-Polk Food Share to Stop Hunger Volunteers with the Food Share continue to come out to our 16 x 20 Solexx Conservatory several times each week to tend to the plants needs and as you can see by the pictures everything looks great!


The Youth Farm as mentioned last month is managed by Jared Hibbard-Swanson and is an educational project collaboration of Marion-Polk Food Share and OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development aimed at increasing the quality, diversity and stability of the local food system in Marion and Polk counties. The 2-a

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