Vinegar- The Garden Wonder

Natural and eco-friendly methods do not always necessarily signify spending more bucks. This can be exemplified by the use of natural and organic pesticides, insecticides and fungicides without the extravagant use of the harmful chemical counterparts widely available in the market. This natural secret of a good gardener is vinegar. This cheap, widely available substance performs manifold functions and is one of the homemade garden remedies recommended for enhancement of your gardening beauty.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur gardener, the use of vinegar is as important as the conventional gardening tools you use.

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3D Printing Takes Hold

Credit: Maker-Bot

MakerBot’s Replicator 3D printer is for sale at 12 Home Depot stores.


You may have seen it at your local Home Depot: An informational kiosk that shows real-world applications of what used to be considered a futuristic technology.

The retailer currently is marketing 3D printers from MakerBot in 12 stores across the country, mainly in California, New York City, and the Chicago area as well as on its website. Customers can see live 3D printing demonstrations, check out sample prints showcasing practical applications for 3D printing, and take home 3D printed souvenirs. Th

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London’s Olympic Village gardens: an appreciation

QE Park Olympic Village: the charming lane with its rustic cottages

Making an Olympic Village in the Lea Valley’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was a delightful idea. I love to stroll along a village high street. At dawn one hears the cocks crow and sees the milkmaids setting off for work. The crooked old streets have banks of wild flowers. On a summer’s eve the children play and God, one thinks, must have been in a very good mood when he made this place. Poetry fills one’s heart as one rushes to put down a deposit. Stands the Church clock at ten to three? And is there honey still for tea? Read the whole post…

A Modern Family Ranch by Lake|Flato Architects

The project includes a main house, guest retreat, pool house, and tennis pavilion that sit on 10 acres of rolling hills. While the location makes way for a typical ranch-style house, this project features a combination of modern and vintage furnishings, clean lines, and a truly stellar contemporary art collection. Considering its surroundings, the house was built with massive blocks of Texas Lueders limestone that they mixed with steel and glass walls.

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Container Gardening and the Advantage of Adding a Pot Latch

So many people now are enjoying container gardening, whether planting flowers or herbs.  By using a Pot Latch you increase the amount of space that you are able to use by getting your smaller pots up off the ground and mounting to a fence or post in your yard.   

The other benefits of growing vertically is the controlling of potential pests becomes easier as they are right in front of you.  Harvesting is made easier as there is no stooping or hunching over.  It increases accessibility for gardeners with disabilities because they can tend to and pick from a chair or garden seat.  You also will have lest waste not having fruits hiding under lush growth.

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